Peter represents both parties on both sides of the "v." in forums all over the country.  He is available to represent parties as either lead counsel or local counsel.  Whether leading the charge or working alongside existing counsel, he adds values.  He is particularly adept at handling the following types of cases:

  • Patent Infringement Actions

  • Inter Partes Review Proceedings

  • Covered Business Method Review Proceedings

  • Post Grant Review Proceedings

  • Reexamination

  • Appeals

As the saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."  In addition to representing parties in litigation, Peter also helps clients prevent or mitigate litigation through proper counseling in all areas of intellectual property including:

  • Patent Licenses

  • Software agreements

  • Trademarks

  • Copyright agreements

  • Due diligence

Peter also serves as an independent mediator to help parties settle intellectual property disputes.  He brings a balanced and objective perspective from his decades of litigation and engineering experience.    In addition, Peter also completed a 40 hour mediation training course.  

Last, but not least, he is committed to providing legal services to those who can least afford it.  As the son of a career Navy man, Peter routinely volunteers at his local VA legal clinic.  In addition, he is available for criminal assignments in the Western District of Texas under the Criminal Justice Act.   


Austin, Texas 78703




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